StoneRidge Stables welcomes you to our farm; it is our home, and our lifelong dream.  Built in the 1800’s our farm is a slice of the country tucked alongside the Licking River and Phillips Creek in Alexandria, KY.  We are a full care boarding stable with staff on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Located just 25 minutes south of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky you don't have to travel far to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

We are proud to be promoting natural horse care, a life that is as close to their natural life as possible.  Horses are happier and healthier when they are outside.  We as humans tend to think horses are like us…. they aren’t!  We like to put horses in stalls, separating them from their natural herd environment.  We cover them in blankets when it’s cold thinking that is the best way to keep them warm, because that’s what we as humans do.  The truth is blankets can interfere with the horse’s natural temperature regulation. 

Horses DO need a place to go when the weather turns bad.  SRS has acres of woods with hills and trees that provide refuge from the wind and also providing shelter from the elements.  We also have several walk-ins on the farm where a horse can get a break from the sun, wind and even the cold.

StoneRidge Stables offers pasture care. We do have stalls available for boarders to use anytime. Hay and shaving included in monthly board. We also have a large indoor arena, outdoor arena, trails, riding lessons, as well training.  We also offer on farm horse leasing and indoor arena rental.  We are only seven miles from A.J. Jolly Park which has 30 miles of trails.  Boarders also enjoy fishing and camping with access to Phillips Creek and the Licking River as well as free WiFi at the barn.

We teach all aspects of horsemanship from safety, caring, grooming and riding. 

Please email Betty at or click here if you would like to visit or schedule lessons.

All breeds welcome!!!

Aerial View of StoneRidge Stables

Aerial View of StoneRidge Stables